Homemade shrimp stock is worth the time, we promise. And, it can be ready in under half an hour!


Shrimp stock is easy, so no more excuses for using bottled clam juice, which is okay, but not a tenth as good as this. And, bottled clam juice is a bit on the "spendy" side.

This stock is made from "scraps". You have been freezing your vegetable scraps (onion skins, bell pepper cores and stems, fresh herb stems, asparagus bottom trimmings, etc.) and shrimp shells, haven't you? What, you missed the "Practical Tip" on our home page that day? Well, don't let it happen again, because not visiting here often will cost you!

And you know something else? This stock is really fun to make. You can obviously use it in any dish that calls for seafood stock or clam juice. But, you can also substitute with this stock for all or any part of the chicken, beef, or vegetable stock that is called for in a recipe! That's right. There's nothing fishy about this stock.

We use it in soups (you'll find it in some of the recipes here), pastas, risottos, and especially in Cajun gumbo and jambalaya. (This is not blasphemy in regards to sacred Italian cooking, but Aletha and DOD are gourmet cooks who dabble in nearly all ethnic cooking genres. In fact, we will soon build a Cajun cooking web site! Watch for the announcement here soon.)

Well, you get the picture. This aromatic and "colorful" shrimp stock is easy, inexpensive and "righteously" good. You'll see!



3 tablespoons olive oil
1 T Butter, yogurt butter or butter buds powder
3 cups raw shrimp shells
Any “scraps” you have saved and frozen from onions (green or regular), carrots, celery, fennel, bell peppers, or any other you like, and stems and other scraps from herbs you have used the leafs for recipes or garnish. Any combination and amount is okay here.
5 cups water
2-3 cloves garlic, sliced thinly
2 T lemon juice
2-3 T tomato paste (This comes in a toothpaste tube now, you know?)

Warm olive oil over medium-low heat in pan with cover.

Add butter or substitute, then add vegetable and herb scraps.

Cover and cook 10 minutes (or less if you are in a hurry. Actually, the longer you can draw this process out, the more of the natural juices of the scraps will be released. This is awesome flavoring. Add a pinch or two of salt to speed the process.)

Add frozen or fresh raw shrimp shells and tomato paste. Simmer until shells turn pink. Add water and simmer until reduced by about 1/3. (2/3’s left)

Strain out vegetable scraps and shrimp shells. Add lemon juice, and you have fresh, homemade, shrimp stock! Use within a few days or freeze.

This homemade stock can double as fish stock or clam juice in Italian or any other ethnic recipes. You can reduce this shrimp stock for more intense flavor. You can find an example of how fully reduced stock can be used by checking out this fabulous recipe. Herbed Shrimp With Sautéed Mushrooms And Potatoes

Buon appetito always!
Brought to you with love from
Aunt Aletha and Dear Old Dave



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